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 FORUM RULES - Read and comply with these...

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FORUM RULES - Read and comply with these... Empty
PostSubject: FORUM RULES - Read and comply with these...   FORUM RULES - Read and comply with these... EmptyMon Nov 10, 2008 6:55 pm

Forum Rules:

Members need a wonderful, lively and helpful atmosphere and we all are responsible to create such an atmosphere in this forum. Hence warning will be first provided but persistent violating behavior will cause the member to be kicked off the forum.

Flaming others, Offensive behavior and Mocking/Insulting others is not
good decent behavior and will not be acceptable on this forum.
Members who do not abide by this rule will be kicked off the forum.

No more than ONE Active Thread at a time per member with respect to their subject posting. Do not Double Post, members found violating this rule will be warned first and persistent behavior will lead to the member
being kicked off the forum.

We understand you may be upset about something a member said to you, but do not get provoked and retaliation is definitely not the answer.
Please PM or EMAIL an admin or moderator and we will take necessary steps.

We need to have a clean community. Cursing and swearing, is not acceptable behavior and can be offensive to many of the members on the site. If you swear, you will be warned and if you persist, you will be banned.

We appreciate constructive comments. We will even accept a negative
feedback once or twice from a user. But we will not put up with
repetitive insulting of our site and our community members, negative
comments may make you feel better but they achieve nothing.
Constructive criticism is alway welcome; people with attitude problems
are not on this forum.

After registering please fill in your Full Name, Forum name and Location in
your profile. If you have the option to receive emails from normal members and you receive junk mail or advertising through the forum, please alert us to this fact we will look into your complaint and either fix
the problem or boot out the offender.

Pornographic images are
strictly forbidden. Any members that do post any pornographic images
will be banned for life from the site permanently without any warning,
there is no second chance. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE to these types of images.

The forum apologies in advance for the members who may
have been disturbed by such images. We work to get rid of any images
like this as soon as they are detected. But it takes time to remove,
hence cooperate with us and be on guard for such violations and PM or
EMAIL the Admins or Moderators.

Members while posting of the forums please use the Templates provided
or else the posting will be deleted.


These rules are not asking for you to do anything out of the ordinary. Just follow these simple rules and enjoy the site. If you break these rules, there will be consequences and we are not liable for anything you do on this site.

Respect the rules and the people who enforce the rules will respect you.
The people who enforce the rules are Administrators and Moderators.
Decisions made by these members are final and if questioned should be
done in the appropriate manner.

If you feel you have been mistreated by a member of staff on the forum, you can PM or EMAIL another admin or moderator and we will look into your complaint.

Please cooperate with us and each other on board and comply with these rules. If you do not comply with these rules after being warned about already, We will ban your account without hesitation.

Thanking you in advance.

Aqualifestyle-world Team
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FORUM RULES - Read and comply with these...
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