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Location : France : Hérault 34430 saint jean de vedas
Registration date : 2008-11-07

PostSubject: BUY & SELL FORUM RULES   BUY & SELL FORUM RULES EmptyMon Nov 10, 2008 7:40 pm


Poster Eligibility: He/She must be a member and accept all the rules of this forum towards posting here.

Subject Line: WTB: Want to buy, WTS: Want to sell,
WTT: Want to Trade/Exchange, GA: Give away free, FS: For Sale are mandatory.

Location: The Location of the Poster and the Material have to be included.

Shipment Information: The Poster should specify whether he/she can ship it out (city/state/country) or whether it is only on pickup basis.

Provide product pictures:The Poster should provide links or pictures wherever possible. It should be clearly specified whether pictures are available or not and the condition of the product.

Description: A brief description about the product, its condition and
age has to be provided clearly or the posting will be deleted.

Buy Back and Money Back Guarantee: If the Poster is willing to provide
any such guarantees, he/she must clearly mention it. If there are any exceptions and/or conditions that also should be provided in the posting clearly.

NO "*" and "conditions apply" labels allowed, please mention details
clearly or else the posting will be deleted.

DEAL COMPLETE: When the deal is complete please close/lock the treads by the help of Admin and Moderators.

Please modify the subject lines of your threads appropriately, eg: in case of the products sold, please update the subject line to 'SOLD'.

The Members and/or Buyers can provide satisfactory/negative feedback about any purchases made on this forum appropriately just fort the
sake of other/new members only.

Rudeness, swearing, flaming and bad language will not be tolerated on this forum. In case you are cheated or feel that you have paid more
for a product which was advertised on this forum, please do not
use this forum to engage in a public confrontation, take in to PM.

A list of Sellers with excellent products & services will be maintained and updated on a regular basis.

Finally we are not responsible for members and their faulty products or bad behavior. We are here to provide a platform to members for convenience and learning. We do not take any responsibility for any purchases from this forum, it is the members duty to do a personal check before engaging in any purchase of any sort on such a public forum.

Hope you will all comply with these rules and make this forum a better
place for all.

warm regards

Aqualifestyle-India Team
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