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 caridnial sp from Sulawesi

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PostSubject: caridnial sp from Sulawesi   caridnial sp from Sulawesi EmptyTue Jun 16, 2009 4:36 pm

Here are some information on how I keep my Caridinal sp

pic the tank :

Dimensions of your aquarium and liters: 45 cm X 45 cm X 30 cm

The age of the installation of your aquarium : 1.5 years

Water temperature: 24 - 26 degrees celcius

pH: 8.2

KH: 7

GH: 8

NH3/NH4: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 0

The type of filter and its power: Powerhead - 600 litre/ hr and Hang on filter 450 litre/ hr

Type of lighting used and its power: PL 55 watt

duration of lighting: 4 hr siesta 5 hr then 4 hr

Substrate and ground: inert gravel and coral sand

Plants: moss, Java fern, Anubias

Wood and decorations (stones): Sulawesi stone, drift wood and granite stone

caridnial sp from Sulawesi Caridina_SP

The type of shrimp: Caridinal sp

Initial number of shrimp at the beginning: 6

Number of dead shrimp (species): NA

Food: Hikari Shrimp pellets

Number of times per day: Once

The frequency of change of water: Once a week 10% with aged RO water

The preparation of water, quantity and brand of the product: RO water aged with coral chips and seachem equilibrium

Other products used in the aquarium - NA

The shrimps was introduced a week back into the tank.
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caridnial sp from Sulawesi
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