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 Fish Profiles Template

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Fish Profiles Template Empty
PostSubject: Fish Profiles Template   Fish Profiles Template EmptyMon Nov 10, 2008 8:54 pm

Dear Member,

Please fell free to upload your Fish pictures with profiles on appropriate forums by filling the below data for each profile:

Scientific Name:
Synonym(s) or Common Name(s):

Main Identification Traits:
Specimen Description:
Life Span Information:

Size: Min-Max
Place of Origin: Place/Country
Biotope Information: Place/Country, Flora & Fauna details

Shoaling/Schooling Information:
Other requirements:

Temperature Range: Min-Max C/F
pH Range: Min-Max
TDS and Conductivity Range: Min-Max
Light requirements:

Food and Nutrition: Types of Food taken
Feeding Habits: Feeding Time information
Food for the Fry's:

Sexing Indicators Information:
Spawning Information:
Sexual Reproduction Details:

Fish Behavior:
Miscellaneous Details:

Advise for Members: general advise & specific details regarding the fish


Thanks for following the rules.

Aqualifestyle-India Team
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Fish Profiles Template
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