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 Badis badis - Indian Chaameleon Fish

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Badis badis - Indian Chaameleon Fish Empty
PostSubject: Badis badis - Indian Chaameleon Fish   Badis badis - Indian Chaameleon Fish EmptySat Nov 15, 2008 6:26 pm


Badis badis - Indian Chaameleon Fish P1010310

Scientific Name: Badis badis
Synonym(s) or Common Name(s): Dwarf Chameleon Fish

Main Identification Traits: Mostly brown with black barring and the males during breeding season will show blue glowing color in the dorsal, anal and caudal fins.

Badis badis - Indian Chaameleon Fish P1010311

Specimen Description:
Life Span Information:

Size: Max 3 inches
Place of Origin: India
Biotope Information: Plants, rocks and caves are shelter
Shoaling/Schooling Information:
Other requirements:

Temperature Range: 73-79 F
pH Range: 6.5 - 7.5
TDS and Conductivity Range:
Light requirements: medium range light is required.

Food and Nutrition: carnivore and in captivity eats only live food, frozen food, tubifex, freeze dried bloodworms and bits of meat.
Feeding Habits: predator of live food
Food for the Fry's: frys feed well on Infusoria

Sexing Indicators Information: males show blue color during breeding season
Spawning Information: egg scatterer
Sexual Reproduction Details: these breeds in caves and scatetr their eggs, which attach to the walls in cave/rocks/substrate. The male looks after the eggs and they hatch in 3-4 days.

Fish Behavior: peaceful temprament and lives at the bottom level in water, near plant stems and roots.

Miscellaneous Details:

Advise for Members: minimum US 20 gallon required for each specimen


Information: Sorry for the blurry pictures, these are very fast for my photo skills.
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Badis badis - Indian Chaameleon Fish
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